A Legend

One night in ancient times, three horsemen were riding across a desert. As they crossed the dry bed of a river, out of the darkness a voice called, "Halt!"

They obeyed. The voice then told them to dismount, pick up a handful of pebbles, put the pebbles in their pockets and remount. The voice then said, "You have done as I commanded. Tomorrow at sun-up you will be both glad and sorry." Mystified, the horsemen rode on. When the sun rose, they reached into their pockets and found that a miracle had happened. The pebbles had been transformed into diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones. They remembered the warning. They were both glad and sorry -- glad they had taken some, sorry they had not taken more.

And this is the story of Insurance

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The specific coverages referred to on this site
are brokered through various facilities.

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Phone: 800-378-5554 - or - 626-397-4700 // Fax: 626-683-7682

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